Frequently Asked Questions

What process does New Line Construction Group go through in building my new home?

The process is very different from one job to the next and cannot be answered in a "one fits all" manner. From consultation to the completion of the project, our team is committed to being there every step of the way.

Is there anything that I need to provide to New Line Construction Group in the building process?

All we need is your idea. Helping with the design and coming up with conceptual drawings and design work is our specialty.

How long does a build generally take?

Every job we build is unique and has different demands. A good rule of thumb is six to nine months for most homes.

What materials can I choose from for my construction project?

You may request or provide yourself any material you desire. That is the beauty of building custom. Through our years in the industry, relationships with our vendors, and our buying power we are able to build with the best products at the best price. Rarely is their product that we cannot source.

How do I pay for my home?

Cash payments are always accepted. We are also happy to work with any lender of your choice that follows our contract specifications.

What if I already have my own land?

That certainly makes the first step a lot easier for both parties. Whether you have your own land already or looking at lots on the market, we make site visits with no charge. We have great financial institutions and real estate agencies available locally to help secure land if not already owned.

Do you handle everything as our contractor?

We can handle as much or as little as the client requires. Quite often we handle every aspect of the job from consultation to completion. In some instances, clients may only need us for certain portions of the build. We are happy to bid and compete on any work you may have to offer.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We carry the highest rated license in the state of Virginia. We are a class A licensed commercial and residential building contractor. We maintain coverage for general liability, workers comp, and all of our operating equipment.

Do you have plans or can we bring one we have already found?

Although it's helpful to have plans already, it is not required. Our expertise is taking ideas or other plans found, and modifying them to improve the plans to fit your family. We can work with any plans and have our own drafter to finalize prints for permanent build.